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Optimise Your Space with Lasting Elegance: Explore Our Curated Dried Flowers & Grasses Collection. Each bouquet is a masterpiece, meticulously composed from a selection of stunning flowers, grasses, and stems, offering you a customisable display of natural luxury.

Dried flowers & grasses bring enduring charm, requiring no maintenance, yet infusing your space with a delightful touch of nature.

Product Details:

  • Natural White Pampas Perfection: Choose from single stems or bundles of two, three, or twelve, all showcasing the plush beauty of dried pampas grass.
  • Nature's Signature: Embrace the unique variations of natural products, a testament to authenticity while we ensure harmonious purchases.
  • Elevated Stature: Each stem reaches an approximate height of 1.10m, presenting a striking presence.
  • Delicate Handling: Handle with care as these treasures can be brittle in texture.
  • Preserve the Beauty: Shield your arrangement from direct sunlight and heat sources to retain their elegance and prevent brittleness.

Suggestion: Elevate the allure by pairing your pampas grass with our exquisite large Zaria Vase, as captured in the photograph.

Reimagine your space with everlasting beauty – explore nature's timeless artistry today! 


Sale price£7.99
Dried Pampas Grass - Natural White
Dried Pampas Grass - Natural White Sale price£7.99