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Elevate your interior decor with our exquisite Dried Teasels in Black, carefully selected for their enduring beauty and unique texture. Each bundle is meticulously curated, allowing you to arrange them according to your artistic vision.

One of the remarkable advantages of dried flowers and grasses is their longevity and effortless maintenance, all while providing a captivating hint of the natural world to your surroundings. Whether you're seeking a thoughtful gift item or a personal treat, our dried florals make a splendid choice.

Product Details:

  • Our Dried Teasels in Black are sold as a bundle of three stems, each exuding a distinctive charm.
  • Choose to showcase a single stem as a delicate yet eye-catching accessory, or arrange them together to introduce depth and dimension to your decor.
  • Given the natural origin of these stems, minor variations from the displayed image may occur. 
  • These dried teasels boast an approximate stem height of 60cm, making them a commanding presence in any setting.
  • Please handle your dried stems with care, as they can be brittle in nature.
  • For optimal preservation of their beauty and texture, avoid direct exposure to sunlight or proximity to heat sources such as radiators, as excessive dryness can render the flowers more delicate.

To enhance the overall presentation, we highly recommend pairing your Dried Teasels with our Layra Vase, as captured in our product photographs. This combination promises to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your decor, making it a conversation piece that radiates natural sophistication. 

Sale price£8.00
Dried Teasels - Black
Dried Teasels - Black Sale price£8.00